Open call for an international artist in residence invitation at EESAB Brest (France)

Appel à résidences

Date limite de candidature: 24 juin 2022


Forms of Life/Life of Forms is aimed at students eager to develop their artistic practice within an experimental framework that builds on the relations between forms of life and their environment, using Brest and its surroundings as a base. How does the way we make art change with our awareness of the interdependent causality inherent to these relations? Brest, located at the far west of France, is ensconced in a coastal area which is host to a multitude of forms that reflect a wealth of exchanges between land and sea, the surface and the deep, currents and fronts, humans and non-humans. As regards human activity, these forms encompass ancestral practices, farming and reeding, cottage and tech industries, scientific research, military activity, sports, and countless other life-experiments. This is fertile ground to tease out unexplored connections and paths not taken, to cultivate speculative visions of tomorrow for today, parallel worlds through which to step sideways and consider other ways of being. We strongly believe that these visions will allow us to see beyond the dominant paradigm of production and consumption and the horrific relations to the earth that it has instilled.
Forms of Life/Life of Forms fosters a space for artists to rigorously explore modes of existence for what art might become when it is not aimed exclusively at the market, institutions and industries of contemporary art.

Présentation de l’annonceur

The European Art School of Brittany in France seeks a motivated artist to spend an academic semester in a renewed and stimulating environment at its campus in Brest. Brest’s MFA department is currently taking calls for the fourth edition of its artist in residence program.
Past participants include Scoli Acosta, Ursula Dobereiner, Razvan Boar and Iris Touliatou.
The artist selected for 2022-2023 will work primarily with MFA students in the context of the MFA program, Forms of Life/Life of Forms and in accordance with the new pedagogical.
The teaching project developed will implicate students individually and collectively and reflect her/his artistic practice in line with program directions.
The school provides the artist with a personal studio space free of charge.

Informations de contact

Modalités de candidature

The call is addressed to artists with international experience and background, fully engaged in
practice and research. Experience in teaching is appreciated. Knowledge of French can prove

The employment period covers one academic semester, from September 13 2022 to March 2023,
on the basis of 16 weekly hours working with Master students and one-off workshops with BFA
students (1st year to 3rd year of studies).
The artist in residence will fully participate in EESAB Brest’s academic life.

Teaching responsibilities are as follows:
• submit a teaching project to be developed within the context of the Life of Forms/Forms of Life
Masters program and questionning the idea of collective creation process one-month prior to
commencement of teaching.
• work individually and collectively with Master students (8 hours per week)
• participate in MFA group critiques and evaluations.
• participate in the summer session which initiates the Masters program (initially scheduled for
mid-September, the final approved date will depend on sanitary directives related to the Covid19 crisis.)
• conduct two four-day long workshops for second-year and third-year art students.
• participate in undergraduate evaluations and group critiques
Teaching is conducted mainly on school premises, which comprise the main building and the
annex, just across the street. Technical workshops and labs are in the main building.

Please submit a CV + cover letter + book (website link or pdf file) to the Director of the EESAB
site in Brest before 24-06-2022 last deadline:
Jean-Baptiste Gabbero, Head of EESAB Brest
EESAB - 18 rue du Château - 29200 Brest
Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for an interview.